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Business Journey


Our Goal


Why Us ?


“GL is Thailand’s one of the most integrated and widest coverage logistics hub”

Grand Emporium Logistics Co., Ltd., operated under the brand “GL”, We are a new generation logistics service company in Thailand that has strength and expertise in knowledge and integrated services. Whether it is international freight, customs clearance, warehousing, distribution centers as well as transportation and distribution by implementing various innovations and technology systems to manage the workflow processes for utmost efficiency.

After years of continuous business growth, we expanded into the international logistics sphere and has established a 12,000 sqm distribution center on Bangna-Trad road, which has been managed under the management team’s vision that every service will be able to manage, follow up, report, and transport products to the destination within a specified period of time with the highest quality and safety by GL supervision.


Business Journey



Established Grand Emporium Logistics Co., Ltd. with customs clearance and domestic transportation as the first service.


Expanded the service range to handle international sea and air Freight Forwarding by partnering up with various international freight forwarding service providers, shipping liners, and airlines, both domestically and internationally.


Established a Warehouse and Distribution Center on Bangna-Trad Km. 9 road with an area of over 22,400 sqm to provide Storage, Warehousing, Nationwide Distribution, Transportation, and Other Integrated Logistics Services.


Received ISO 9001:2015.


Launched an online warehouse fulfillment, cross border trucking, and Nationwide parcel deliveries services throughout the country.


Started to provide a full-range of service on Customs Law and Government Relations.


Started developing an integrated information technology system to become an integrated logistics service provider on the country’s top-notch technology platform.


Launched an integrated Warehouse fulfillment and Delivery Online platform.

GL turns complicated logistics into a breeze, enabling our clients
to fully focus on business expansion.

Why Choose Us ?


One Stop Services
and Customized Solution

GL focuses on providing an integrated logistics services being a one-stop, full-coverage logistics provider.


Freight Solution
with Strong Global Partner

With a strong network of partnership, GL specializes in handling International Freight Forwarding with a service coverage of over 190 countries around the globe.


In-House Customs & Regulatory
Affairs Expertise with Good Customs Connection

We have specialists in customs, government relations and lawyers who are specializing customs, legal, and import-export license applications. We have good partnerships with the Customs Department and related government agencies. Therefore, all of our services are smooth without any obstacles.


Expertise in Nationwide Delivery and Omnichannel Delivery to Distribution Center, Modern Trade, Traditional Trade, Manufacturing, Online and Individual Customer

GL is highly experienced and specializes in Transporting and Distributing shipment to the specified destination efficiently with a service coverage covering all parts of Thailand.


Warehouse and Distribution Center
in Strategic Location

GL’s storage warehouse and distribution center is located on Bangna-Trad, a strategic location for handling logistics-with the region’s numerous distribution centers.


More Flexible Services and Report for Customer Needed

GL’s services are designed with high flexibility that caters to differing needs, in terms of price as well as operations, yet meet up to global standards and regulations.

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